Carefully read through our criteria and apply here. Applications are ongoing and a selection committee, composed of local bookers, promoters and partners of the initiative regularly selects new candidates.


Who can apply?

  • bands, solo artists, projects

  • applicants have to be Luxembourg nationals or residents


What are the criteria?

  • genre: popular music* and jazz only

  • recent activity: new songs, demos, live gigs over the last 6 months

  • 4 people max. (due to current sanitary measures)

  • confirmed stage experience

  • confirmed recording experience or studio experience

  • compatibility with the technical constraints imposed (very reduced time for set-up, soundcheck, one-take recordings etc)

  • ability to play to a click track

  • ability to perform with an in-ear system

  • availability for the recording sessions (mostly during weekdays)


How can I apply?


Fill in the application form here and make sure to indicate a link to your press credentials (bio, photos, relevant links, concert curriculum) as well as your technical rider.


* pop, rock, metal, urban, electronic music, blues.